BMW | F Chassis | M2, M3, M4, X5M, X6M | 1 - 4 Series | X1 - X6 Series

Regular price $1,450.00 CAD

Order Process:
Step 1. Select a steering wheel core
Step 2. Select the carbon fiber finish
Step 3. Select the grip material
Step 4. Select the stitching color
Step 5. Select the center mark color (optional)
Step 6. Select the LED shift indicator/display (optional) 

  • Steering wheel and trim refinished in carbon fiber with multiple finish options
  • Flat bottom design to provide a sportier look and feel over OEM steering wheel
  • Ergonomic groove finished in multiple premium material allows for steadier grip and a more comfortable driving experience
  • Retain grip grooves designs on back side of the OEM steering wheel 
  • Premium stitching available in multiple colors
  • Painted center mark available in multiple colors (optional)
  • LED shift indicator with multi-function display (optional)
  • Steering wheel heating is disabled for all carbon fiber steering wheels