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5. LED Shift Indicator / Display - [STEERING WHEEL CUSTOMIZATION]

5. LED Shift Indicator / Display - [STEERING WHEEL CUSTOMIZATION]

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Order Process:
Step 0. Select a steering wheel core
Step 1. Select the carbon fiber finish
Step 2. Select the grip material
Step 3. Select the stitching color
Step 4. Select the center mark color (optional)
Step 5. Add the LED shift indicator/display (optional)
Step 6. Add the carbon fiber grip trim (optional)

Shift Light Features:
  • 5 sets of colored LEDs on each side of the steering wheel
  • Configurable colors (red/yellow/green/blue/cyan/magenta)
  • Configurable brightness
  • Configurable lower and upper RPM limit
  • Outer set of LEDs light up once lower RPM limit has been reached
  • LEDs light up in pairs towards the center as RPM increases   
  • All LEDs begin flashing once upper RPM limit has been reached 

Display Features:

  • Engine RPM
  • Vehicle speed (kmh/mph)
  • Fuel reserve percentage
  • Battery voltage
  • Engine load percentage
  • Water temperature (celsius/fahrenheit)
  • Oil temperature (celsius/fahrenheit)
  • Turbo boost
  • Fuel consumption
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